Red Ink, Black Tea

a Djehuty shrine


Djehuty, empower my mind.

Baboon image: British Museum
“Djehuty…”: Me.

Give praise to Thoth;
Make rejoicing to Him every day.
He Who gives breath to the weary-hearted one
and vindicates you against your enemies.

Ibis img: Australian Museum
“Give praise…”: Book of Going Forth by Day, Utterance 18, T. G. Allen translation.
Moon img: The Moon by Graeme Pattison/newcastlemale

Praise be to Djehuty, who enlightens.

“Praise be…”: Juni.
Rafiki img: Lion King © Disney
Doodling img: Inonibird/CKC


Welcome to Red Ink, Black Tea, a devotional shrine for Djehuty.

To give a quick overview: I’m Juni (you can learn more about me on the “Shrine Tenders” page) and maintaining this online space for him is a small part of my work for him. I’ll be posting here on his offering days, the 19th of each (Kemetic) month, and other days as I am inspired. I’ll also be compiling information and resources about him, though that will be a long, slow project. My posts will primarily consist of prayers, quotes, and images I create myself or find online.

Though it is currently a solitary project, I would love for it to be a collaborative endeavor- so if you feel a call to contribute as a one-time guest or a regular shrine-tender, do let me know!

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